What Are Cat Enclosures Sydney?

Cat Enclosures Sydney have the perfect solution to keep your cat safe, healthy and happy. Cats naturally want to be outdoors where they can exercise and experience fresh air and sunlight. Being outdoors enriches their sight, hearing and other senses. Unfortunately, there are many outdoor dangers that cats can encounter while roaming freely.

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Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, here are several reasons to have a cat enclosure

Protect Your Cat
A free-roaming outdoor cat can be exposed to injury from motor vehicle accidents or predators such as dogs. Other dangers include poisons such as pesticides, exposure to parasites, becoming lost, or getting locked in a neighbours property. A cat that enjoys nature from within a cat enclosure is safe from outdoor dangers.

Reduce Vet Bills
Without a cat enclosure, you are more likely to incur vet bills as a result of catfights, injury from other animals or diseases such as infections and rabies that can be transferred to your cat through contact with infected cats or wildlife. Cat Enclosure Sydney can help reduce or eliminate vet bills and stress from injury to your cat.

Protect Birds and Wildlife
Millions of birds and other wildlife are killed every year by free-roaming cats in Australia. Cats have played a major role in the extinction of over 30 Australian mammals, and they continue to pose an extinction threat to over 100 current species. Cat enclosures help to protect such species.

Healthy Lifestyle
Indoor cats can spend hours near a window seeking the warmth of the sun, staring at passers-by, or dreaming of a little freedom. A cat enclosure can offer them a protected space to enjoy sun light and fresh air while exercising and bird watching.

Bonding with your Cat
A cat enclosure can be built large enough to accommodate a chair, bench or other outdoor furniture for you to use while bonding with your cat. There’s nothing better than having a cat on your lap while you have a cat nap of your own. Quality time spent with your cat outside the confines of a home can help strengthen your cat’s bond with you.

Help Reduce Indoor Odors
Adding a litter box in an enclosure provides another benefit as it helps reduce the amount of odor-producing waste in your home. However, an outdoor litter box should never replace your indoor litter box.

Keep Neighbours Happy
Not everyone likes cats. Even if your Neighbours do like cats, they wouldn’t like it if your cat uses their garden or yard as a litter box. This can cause stress or strained relationships between you and your neighbours. A cat enclosure ensures that your cat stays in your own yard.

Peace of MindA Cat Enclosure Sydney enclosures provides peace of mind knowing your cat is always in a safe and protected environment while you are at work, the gym or a dinner party with your loved ones. Upon first point of contact, our team at Cat Enclosure Sydney will discuss your needs and requirements, to work out the approximate cost.

We will then ask you to send us a few photos of the area where the enclosure is going to be installed and give you the exact price with a written quote. We work with you throughout the entire process to make the perfect custom cat enclosure for your pet.


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