Cat Enclosure Sydney installs custom made cat enclosures for customers in all suburbs in Sydney and surrounding areas, including Woolongong, Blue Mountains and Central Coast etc. No job is too small or too big for Cat Enclosure Sydney.

Cat Enclosure Sydney is run by 2 professional technicians, Tony and Sonny. Unlike most companies in Australia, we do not sub contract our work and we proudly do all the jobs ourselves. We can install affordable, custom designed enclosures just about any size and shape. It can be freestanding or attached to the side or back of your house, balcony, pergola etc. Our cat enclosures can be installed in practically any way you can think of to keep your furry friends in a safe and comfortable environment.

Backyard Cat Enclosure Sydney
Backyard Cat Enclosure Sydney

Our Netting:

We use the best available netting in Australia with high quality fixtures and we don’t cut corners to save costs. That’s why we offer 10 year warranty on our netting and workmanship.

Quality Workmanship Always Comes From Experience:

Our background comes from bird netting in the pest control industry, which Tony and Sonny were involved in for about 46 years combined. We thought why not use our skills and experience to keep furry friends safe and at the same time keep birds away, as they were interrelated industries.

All our enclosures are custom made to suit your unique requirements, which could be with metal frame doors or with zipper doors.
Happy customers are what we want. We at Cat Enclosure Sydney will make sure that you are 100% satisfied and happy with our job before we leave your property after completion of the job.

Why Chose Cat Enclosure Sydney?

Our Cat enclosures are built to last from the highest quality materials. They are made from black UV stabilized, polyethylene netting secured with stainless steel fittings and wires. The netting used in Cat Enclosure Sydney enclosures is made in a way that it will not stretch over time in harsh weather conditions. It also contains the highest UV protection possible, without degrading the strength of the net. Our nets are made of the highest quality materials, which come with a
10 year warranty.

Backyard Cat Enclosure Sydney