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Cat Enclosure Sydney

What Are Cat Enclosure?

Cat Enclosure Sydney have an innate drive to explore the vast outdoors, where they enjoy running,  playing and can  benefit from the sun and fresh air. Outdoor Cat Enclosure Sydney activity enhances their sensory perceptions. Free-roaming cats are more prone to dangers to themselves and other wildlife when they are allowed to roam outdoors without any supervision.
Your  cat would love to explore the vast outdoors, but you fear for its safety. Cat Enclosure Sydney have the perfect solution for you  if you’re worried about the health and safety of your cat.
Cat enclosures are gaining popularity day by day as more and more people are discovering the numerous health and safety benefits they offer for cats. We specialise in installation of custom made cat enclosures. These enclosures can be installed on windows, fences, decks, walls, sliding doors, pergolas, balconies, and various other surfaces. Additionally, they can  be constructed freestanding wherever you choose to have them in your home. By using cat doors or main doors,  cats can enter enclosures easily. A zipper or a metal door can be used by humans to enter or exit enclosures easily. From their enclosure, cats can easily get back into the house, but they cannot get outside.

Our Mesh:

We use the highest quality fixtures and nets available in Australia, yet we are able to keep our prices low. Our nets are so trustworthy that we offer a ten-year warranty on them.
Years of experience are required to ensure quality workmanship. Our background is in pest management, and Tony and Sonny have approximately 46 years of experience in bird netting between them. Given the strong relationship between the animal and avian sectors, we deemed it prudent to employ our expertise in protecting our feathered and furry companions as well as repelling birds.
We can construct enclosures with either metal frame doors or zipper doors, depending on your requirements, because each one is custom-made.
When our consumers are satisfied, we are satisfied. Cat Enclosure Sydney will ensure your complete satisfaction before leaving your residence.

So why should you choose Cat Enclosure Sydney?

Our handcrafted cat enclosures are constructed from only the finest materials. They are constructed with UV-protected netting and reinforced with stainless steel wire. Cat Enclosure Sydney enclosures include nets that do not stretch or sag over time, even when exposed to extreme weather. Our nets are crafted from premium materials and come with a 10-year warranty.
Cat Enclosure
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Why Get a Backyard Cat Enclosure?

Protect Your Cat

Reduce Vet Bills

Protect Birds and Wildlife

Healthy Lifestyle

Bonding with your Cat

Help Reduce Indoor Odors

Keep Neighbours Happy

Peace of Mind

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Cat Enclosure Sydney